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Anemone: A Chic and Sustainable Jumbo Coral Scrunchie for Every Occasion

Introducing the Anemone, a jumbo coral scrunchie handcrafted from 100% organic hemp yarn that adds a touch of drama and volume to your hairstyle. With a diameter of 22-25 cm, this oversized scrunchie is perfect for elevating your look on various occasions while maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable approach.

Available in two colors [Raw | Botanic Noir] and crafted from organic hemp yarn, the Anemone is suitable for those allergic to synthetic fibers. Additionally, the scrunchie is also offered in organic cotton yarn in three other colors [Perl Blanche | Beige | Rose Gold].

To achieve the perfect puffiness, simply adjust the shape of the scrunchie after tying it onto your hair. To care for your Anemone scrunchie, follow these instructions:

  • Hand wash delicately in cold water separately.
  • Gently squeeze out water without twisting.
  • Air dry by hanging in the shade and avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Do not bleach or put in the washing machine or dryer.

For more information on garment care and other FAQs, visit the designated section on the website. Please note that actual colors and design may vary slightly due to factors such as device screen settings, lighting conditions, and slight differences in product finishes over time.

The color of the Anemone scrunchie may fade slightly after washing due to the use of organic plant-based dyes. For the first wash, it is highly recommended to soak the item in saltwater for 20 minutes and wash normally. This natural method helps maintain the plant-based dyes, ensuring your scrunchie remains vibrant and stylish.

Embrace an eco-conscious fashion statement with the Anemone jumbo coral scrunchie, a chic and sustainable accessory designed to enhance your hairstyle on any occasion.

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