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Ella and SaV is a fashion label based in Sydney, Australia.  The brand embodies a desire to create timeless and minimalist collections that are finely handcrafted with 100% natural or recycled material. We aim to make a broad and positive social impact on the communities we serve and work with, especially by empowering women, retirees or anyone who have impacted by Covid-19 and paying them fair wages.


The modern world has seen an acceleration of trends related to technology, globalisation and financialisation which has left older generations ill equipped to adapt to this new reality.  This is especially prevalent in low and middle income countries where older people are struggling to adapt and make their way.  Large segments of this population feel left behind, lacking purpose, stable income and security.  It’s in grappling with this problem that Ella and SaV was born.


I had the idea that we can tap the knowledge, skills and lifetime of experience of retired women and harness it to create quality, original, stylish products that customers would love.  I want to establish enduring professional relationships with our producers and thus empower them to take ownership of their own lives and work.  — Ella, Founder

We don’t pay our workers extortion wages, opting instead to pay them a fair, living wage regardless of what the market dictates.  We believe this is not only the morally right thing to do, but also creates long lasting, quality relationships which ultimately translates into better products and better outcomes.


From a small group of retired teachers in Bangkok, we’ve had the opportunity to connect to more retired communities across the country. We now have expended our operations to groups in Central, East and Northern Thailand.  We’ve also expanded our scope to include working with female inmates related with another retired group  that we work with.  This means we can play a role in helping these women to rebuild their lives and start over, with a clean slate.


As a brand we focus on quality over quantity and produce small batches of finely crafted hand-made products. We pay special attention on material quality and the environmental impact of our production. We exclusively use either 100% natural or recycled material.


This is just the beginning of us. We believe in inclusive, shared goals whereby we create value and positive outcomes for our clients, producers and communities, something we like to think of as an All-Win goal.





As we made every piece from our hearts, we believe you can feel the Love and Thank you from us.


Ella and SaV xx





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